Founder and Director

Affiliation: The Cephalopod Citizen Science Project 


Website: DrGMCooke
Twitter: @gavancooke 

Gavan started this project in 2017 after seeing many amazing cephalopod videos on social media, realising they may have scientific value and that the medium was a fantastic way for scientists and citizens to work side by side.

He has a PhD in Behavioural Ecology, decades of fieldwork experience, aquarium management, and is an active cephalopod researcher, with over 20 peer-reviewed publications to his name. He gives public talks and has been a university lecturer for nearly 15 years.


Regional Manager: Central and North America

Affiliation: Biology Specialization Chemical and Environmental Toxicology, Department of Biology, University of Ottawa, Canada.

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Website: NefertitiRoldán

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Research Director & Regional Manger: Europe and Japan

Affiliation: Marine Behavioural Ecology Group, Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge, UK
Twitter:  @Chris_Drerup

Christian joined the project in 2018. While his passion and main research focus lies with cephalopod behaviour, he has also been involved in research projects studying the behavioural and visual ecology of fish, crustaceans and even hawkmoths. 
Christian is currently a PhD student in the Marine Behavioural Ecology Group of the University of Cambridge (UK), investigating how cuttlefish and other cephalopods exploit and adapt to visual noise in terms of their habitat choice, movement, dynamic camouflage, hunting behaviour and visual processing.


Project Assistant and Webmaster

Marine Biology Undergraduate student at University of Exeter




Group Manager Belgium/The Netherlands


Kim started her work for The Cephalopod Citizen Science Project in 2019 and is responsible for the data from the region Netherlands/Belgium. She recently finished her master’s degree in Marine Biological Resources where she specialized on Applied Marine Ecology and Conservation. Outside the Cephalopod Project, Kim has mostly worked on marine mammals. However, she is fascinated by both the behavioural and taxonomic diversity of octopus, sepia and co., and gladly dedicates her time to cooperate with our international team and our citizen scientists.

Dr Jorge Hernández Urcera

Group Manager Spain

Affiliation: Department of Marine Ecology and Resources, Institute of Marine Research (IIM), Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)


Twitter: @jorgeurcera


Jorge joined the project in 2019. He has been involved in research projects related to cephalopod ecology and aquaculture. He has also participated in popular science documentaries on cephalopods and is the author of award-winning underwater photographs in various competitions. He has a Ph.D. in Marine Biology and Aquaculture has been a university lecturer since 2012 and is the co-author of more than 25 peer-reviewed publications.


Keishu Asada

Group manager: Japan

Affiliation: Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology

Twitter: @CephWarden

Keishu is a technician at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) specializing in cephalopod husbandry, keeping and raising various squid, cuttlefish, and octopuses in support of several research projects.  

He is also an avid diver who likes to film and record cephalopod behaviour and other marine life in the wild.

Gemma Cosson, MSc

Social Media Manager and Researcher

Affiliation: Cephalopod Citizen Science Project


Twitter: @gemmacosson

Gemma began working with the project int 2020 while completing her Masters thesis. Her love of cephalopods has been with her since childhood and she has a particular interest in cephalopod behaviour and welfare. She continues to do research in these areas alongside managing our social media platforms.

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