The data colelcted from this project will be freely available to all. We are currently working with partners to transfer all collected observations for them to depostited in an easy to access format in a commonly used repository. We are working hard to ensure this is the case as soon as possible. If you have a research question that you think our data can answer then please contact us and we can expedite speciffic data sets


The data we collect comes from citizen scientists who willingly share videos and images to our social nmedia accounts. 


We like to keep the process as simple as possible, we only ask for basic data such as location and depth. This encourages more participants than we might otherwise be the case if we demanded a suite of variables we can be off-putting to some.


We have a team of cephalopod experts to identify cephalopod species wherever the observations come from. Althouhg amazing animals, cephalopods sister species rarely reside in the same location which makes ID relatively (but not always!) straightforward if location is provided. 


We are aware that cephalopods are sometimes targeted by spearfishermen and we will rarely ask for very precise locations. There may be occasions when we do, but this will be done privately and we will not share this data with anyone. Occasions might include the observation of a very rare or a geographically unusual indivdual, which may occur if cephalopopds expand their ranges, a possiblility given climate change.


We will not expect or extract any personal data and all observations will be recorded anonymously even if the observers details are publically available due to the nature of social media.

Please look out for updates on how to access the collated data, we will be making an announcement soon, fingers crossed! (July, 2021).

We have two peer reviewed papers using our data already available:

Drerup, C., Jackson, A., Rickard, C., Skea, M. and Cooke, G.M., 2021. Field observations on the behavioural ecology of the stout bobtail squid Rossia macrosoma (Cephalopoda: Sepiolidae) from Scottish waters.

Laptikhovsky, V., Cooke, G., Barrett, C., Lozach, S., MacLeod, E., Oesterwind, D., Sheerin, E., Petroni, M., Barnwall, L., Robin, J.P. and Allcock, L., 2021. Identification of benthic egg masses and spawning grounds in commercial squid in the English Channel and Celtic Sea: Loligo vulgaris vs L. forbesii. Fisheries Research, 241, p.106004.



Youtube playlists

There are many thousands of videos of cephalopods on Youtube, with many new to science behaviours. We have begun putting together playlists to help researchers access these videos and begin to investigate cephalopod wild behaviour via novel sources of data acquisition. Please see below for the playlists created so far. There may be an occasional error in species assignment, and we apologise in advance for this. These playlists are not exhaustive, not least because new videos are uploaded every day.

Cuttlefish hunting - 30 videos of various species of cuttlefish hunting

Sepia pharaonis - 54 videos

Google form with meta data for the above playlist

Sepia mestus - 5 videos

Sepia officinalis - 124 videos

Googel form with meta data for above playlist

Sepia apama - 19 videos